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CLOT » 2012 SS Refinery Collection
2012 SS Refinery Collection
2012 SS Refinery Collection

2012 SS Refinery Collection

CLOT Great Leaps Toward Contemporary Fashion

2012 March 23rd – CLOT proudly presents their 2012 S/S debut in the form of the Refinery Collection:  a collaboration effort with  Kuraishi Kazuki who sets the direction for a brand new level of experience to the fans of CLOT.

Working with CLOT’s longstanding design concept and products, Kuraishi Kazuki injected his familiar personal style and brings about a new focus on “Attention to Details” – from the choice of materials, cutting to workmanship, bringing CLOT already mature Street Fashion direction to the new level of Contemporary Fashion.

Debut items that define the new image of CLOT

Working with various CLOT’s iconic graphics, Kuraishi Kazuki’s focus on both comfort and functionality is reflected on the new season T-Shirts that comprise many new features such as the rare and complicated back-joint technique and ventilation at the underarm area. The Basic Tee is presented on earth tone color body using 100% Recycled Cotton, reflecting CLOT’s concern of the environment.

Refining the use of Material and Detail

With the use of acclaimed RIRI zipper , the PARKA items achieve a new level of refinement in details with prints running right across the zipper, a printing technique that’s highly complex. Many aspects of The Utility Parka like the pockets showcase Kuraishi Kazuki’s expertise in his patchwork and his focus on functional design.

Made with 100%, the classic CLOT Kung Fu Room Pants get a new cutting by Kuraishi Kazuki who also incorporated his signature Left-Handed design feature by having a left-sided drawstring.

Refinery products to be release on 23rd March 2012


Established proudly in 2003 by founders Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, CLOT Incorporated is a urban lifestyle business designed to cater to the young generation of Asia and the world. CLOT is a start up company designed to encourage the Asian youth to develop their own identity with sense and style. CLOT has since it’s opening branched into the worlds of Music, Design, Retail, Fashion and Consulting bringing funk and flavor to the EAST.

CLOT believes by introducing a distinctive identity and lifestyle to Hong Kong and other parts of Asia that one day all the youth in the region can grow into a more fulfilled and satisfied people with a better understanding of the world and themselves, bringing a stronger sense of individuality and of the world community. CLOT encourages new thinking and new creativity to the youth of Asia and hopes to be a forefront leader in bridging the gap between Eastern and Western cultures and ideologies.

About Kuraishi Kazuki

In 2004, Kazuki Kuraishi was appointed adidas’creative product manager for Japan. Acclaimed as one of the most important designers to appear on the Japanese fashion scene in the last 10 years, Kazuki Kuraishi is known for his simple yet eye-catching and‘one of a kind’ creations. The main reason for his popularity as a designer is his minimalist and simple designs that transcend time. He is renowned for his close attention to silhouette, comfort and materials. Beside his work with Adidas, he also engages in design work, graphics, and collaboration projects for fashion brands such as Levi’s Left Handed Jean by Takahiro Kuraishi, 84-74 lab. takahiro kuraishi.