CLOT & Disney x MindStyle x Bounty Hunter Skull Kun Mickey THE ULTIMATE COLLABORATION
CLOT & Disney x MindStyle x Bounty Hunter Skull Kun Mickey THE ULTIMATE COLLABORATION

(APRIL, 2012) – Coming on the hot trail of the 3 Eyed Mickey released by CLOT & Disney earlier this year, Bounty Hunter, the power house of Japan vinyl toy, was invited for this ultimate collaboration effort that give birth to the latest SKULL KUN MICKEY!



The Coming Together of Two Iconic Characters

Bounty Hunter, being one of the pioneers of the Harajuku Culture, is well known not only for their apparels but also influential on the collectibles vinyl toys scene. Skull Kun, being one of their iconic designs, is creativity merged with Disney’s icon Mickey Mouse for this ultimate collaboration. The head and body of Skull Kun are presented with Mickey’s well-known four fingers glove, red pants and yellow shoes and Mickey’s ears are now part of Skull Kun’s head, giving the impression that it’s Skull Kun in Mickey disguise or vice verses!



Dark Theme Package

Instead of traditional Bounty Hunter way of releasing vinyl toy in only plastic wrapper, a special package is designed for this rare collaboration in Bounty Hunter color theme of Black and White with their large logo imprint as the main focus.



Launch Date: April 6, 2012

Retail Price: HK$1200

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