CLOTsacaiTHEHOME: An Exclusive Look Into The Zantan Cushions & Babouche-style Slippers

CLOTsacaiTHEHOME: An Exclusive Look Into The Zantan Cushions & Babouche-style Slippers

CLOT and sacai, in light of its dominant triple threat collaboration with Nike on the LDWaffle silhouettes, the brands have come together to showcase a string of different pop-up installations all around the world representative of each location.

Aptly named CLOTsacaiTHEHOME, the store seeks to transform your very own living space in line with the creative vision of both sacai and CLOT Creative Directors and Founders, Chitose Abe and Edison Chen. Designed to immerse you into a slew of experiences and pieces inspired by the brands' mindset and interests, notably in quality of life and excellent craftsmanship.

Recently released additions of the pop-ups include NAAJ studio's workshop which features natural handmade soap made from natural ingredients which do not contain any chemical perservatives and polluting components; statement pieces like the Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Sake Set, Ceramic Vase, and Rug; and even another workshop in craftsmanship with handcrafted Boro Bonsai trees made from sustainable Boro fabric which is a long-standing tradition in Japanese culture.

The newest and upcoming release this week from September 30 - Oct 6 will feature more collaborative insight into the minds and creativity of CLOT and sacai. Further underlining the bonds and stylistic visions shared by the brands, with the recent releases and upcoming footwear and ready-to-wear drops. In attempt to put forward the differences and similarities to CLOT and sacai's use of fabric remixing techniques and cut-&-sew style, featuring the beautifully crafted Zantan Cushions, and the Babouch Slippers which ooze traditional elements.

The Zantan Cushions are crafted from the influential CLOT Silk Royale emblazoned atop a silk fabric on one side of the bolster, and on the other, a perfect representation of what sacai does best with its avant-garde and layered style embodied in its cut-and-sew technique. A notable feature of the piece is laid from the textiles used to craft the pillow on the end of sacai, having been retrieved from the brand's personal long-standing archive of different textured fabrics for this very occasion. 

The Slippers are exclusively designed by sacai in a bespoke 'Babouche' style made completely from sacai's cache of vintage fabrics, gathered over many years in the industry, with the influential logos of both brands imprinted on the heel of each shoe. The babouche style shoes feature a soft-slipper silhouette where you are able to flatten the heel to wear it under your foot - representing the relaxation and laid-back aesthetic of CLOT, mixed with the affluent design style of sacai. The tread-on-heel style is also a common sight in Chen's wardrobe.

Both releases demonstrate the substantial synergy between the two friends; using their own design techniques, archival fabrics, and creative vision, to create a stunning collection.

The Slippers cost $880HKD per pair and are available in 2 different multi-hued colorways.

The Zantan Cushions cost $1480HKD per cushion, and are available in 5 distinct colorways 'Black', 'White', 'Blue', 'Red', and 'Silver'.

Only available at CLOTsacaiTHEHOME locations, from September 30 to October 6.