Hender Scheme Fall Winter 2018 Release – JUICESTORE
Hender Scheme Breathes New Life to Simple Pieces

Hender Scheme Breathes New Life to Simple Pieces

Known for its simple, premium leather remakes of popular footwear silhouettes, Hender Scheme was founded in 2010 by Ryo Kashiwazaki with the aim to balance modernity and craft. 

The brand's infamous shoes are constructed of different types of leather, mimicking well-known styles such as Nike's Air Force 1 or Converse's Chuck Taylor. While their color scheme is extremely neutral, the use of soft leather to recreate these recognizable silhouettes was a novel, but definitely controversial idea. Despite this, Hender Scheme manages to achieve perfect balance between unique and recognizable and still offering consumers something new despite riffing off established styles. Since its inception, the brand has blew up in popularity, and even landed an official adidas collaboration. 

The latest Hender Scheme collection consists of bags, shoes, and accessories, all of different styles to cater to different personalities. While the items are all simple, they all have individual features that make them unique from any other leather goods.

Photos by: Alex Cheung/CLOT