Your #JUICESTOREWISHLIST Gift Guide for 2020!

Your #JUICESTOREWISHLIST Gift Guide for 2020!

This holiday time is a season of giving to the ones you love most, here at JUICE we have gathered a variety of pieces that are in theme with Christmas colors. We have chosen pieces in colorways which match red and green as a way of sticking to this holiday’s concept. For each color we have a huge selection of brands for you to choose from, with brands like South2 West8, Adidas, Converse, Pleasures, Kangol and CLOT. Each piece gives variety in style so that the wearer is able to change up or keep their style according to whichever silhouette they choose.


Fred x CLOT - C Buckles Cotton Jacquard Hoodie      Kangol - Furgora Casual Hat     CLOT - Paisley Printed Wide Leg Pants     Adidas x Jonah Hill - Samba     A-COLD-WALL* - Mission Statement Waist Bag     READYMADE - Bandana Barn Coat     South2 West8 - Shaggy Tweed Coach Jacket     CLOT x Emotionally Unavailable - CrazySexyCool Long Sleeved T-Shirt

1. Fred x CLOT - C Buckles Cotton Jacquard Hoodie

This piece is from a collection which fuses CLOT’s heritage with FRED’s designs, forming a unique mix of clothing and jewelry, reimagining the appeal for the two.

2. Kangol - Furgora Casual Hat

A staple silhouette in any Hip-Hop head's wardrobe! - Kangol hats in general are a signature piece in hip-hop style, having been seen on many Old-school Hip-Hop MCs - Eminem, Biggie Smalls, Run-DMC, Slick Rick and many others...

3. CLOT - Paisley Printed Wide Leg Pants

Prominent in American culture, the paisley design brings nostalgia. CLOT managed to create a high-end quality mixture of paisley graphics and corduroy material. 

4. Adidas x Jonah Hill - Samba

Any lover of films, of the world-renowned actor Jonah Hill and the Adidas brand makes this a must-have.

5. READYMADE - Bandana Barn Coat

READYMADE prides itself on being one of the most OG in the Japanese Vintage game. A must have for lovers of repurposed vintage pieces.

6. A-COLD-WALL* - Mission Statement Waist Bag

Count on A-COLD-WALL* to take you through a journey with its collections and its special pieces, this bag is no exception. 

7. CLOT x Emotionally Unavailable - CrazySexyCool Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Lovers of the RnB genre in this decade will be drawn to the idea of homage being paid to world-renowned group TLC. 

8. South2 West8 - Shaggy Tweed Coach Jacket

This coach jacket is perfect and actually for windy occasions when out in the mountains or just windy & cold locations in general.


CLOTTEE - Brain Boonie Hat     Pleasures - Motherboard Rayon Shirt     Hideaway @ Suite X - Sweat Shorts W/ Raw Edge & Logo Embroidery     Awake NY - Chinatown Script Beanie     Converse x Golf La Fleur Gianno - GLF GIANNO OX     99%IS - Wire Print Beanie     Ambush - Tie Dye Panelled T-Shirt     CASIO - G-Shock DW STP Watch     The Duct Tape Years - Double Header Skeleton Fanny Pack     READYMADE - Small Shoulder Bag     CLOT - MA-1 Bomber Jacket Green     CLOTTEE - Pocket Tie Dye T-Shirt     CLOT - Knit Out Of This world Loop Knit Sweater Black     Adidas x Human Made - Tokio Solar HM Shoes     Children of the Discordance - Bandana Patch PO Type-B Green

1. CLOTTEE - Brain Boonie Hat

The brain design on the hat and many other pieces in the collection signify others to think differently and to always go against the grain especially in this era of conformity.

2. PLEASURES - Motherboard Rayon Shirt

They always know how to play on the heartstrings of those who'd like to stand out and be heard.  

3. Hideaway @ Suite X - Sweat Shorts W/ Raw Edge & Logo Embroidery

A great way to display his own beautifully designed tattoo art pieces without having to get them permanently on your body. 

4. Awake NY - Chinatown Script Beanie

This piece is a good example of combining two cultures with the mix of Chinese characters and the Awake NY logo. 

5. Converse x Golf Le Fleur Gianno - GLF GIANNO OX

This collaboration has been a favourite of many who are fans of both Golf Le Fleur founder Tyler the Creator, and Converse. The two brands have had designs that have never been seen before. Better cop whilst you can. 

6. 99%IS - Wire Print Beanie

A perfect display of erratic style and if you or your friends are into the grungy aesthetic, this is the beanie for you.

7. AMBUSH - Tie Dye Panelled T-Shirt

This AMBUSH feature find the brand's unique take on tie dye and panelling as an alternative to the brand's well-known jewelry.

8. CLOT - MA-1 Bomber Jacket Green

The MA-1 Jacket features a soft outer material as well as a comfortable inner fabric to match. This warm piece is perfect for the winter time as much as it is stylish.

9. CASIO - G-Shock DW STP Watch

This watch can be found on people who are more streetwear oriented in style, catering more to the ones who love accessories but don't want to spend a fortune on a Rolex. 

10. CLOTTEE - Pocket Tie Dye T-Shirt

The silhouette calls out to those who want a more relaxed and laid-back style as the tie dye is representative of such. No two pieces are the same as they are all dyed individually making each garment unique. 

11. READYMADE - Small Shoulder Bag

Old military gear is repurposed for this bag. This piece is compact and durable due to the material it is made from whilst  being stylish at the same time.

12. The Duct Tape Years - Double Header Skeleton Fanny Pack

If you are looking for a convenient, well-made and standout bag, this one is for you. 

13. CLOT - Out Of This World Loop Knit Sweater Black

This retro silhouette juxtapose space age graphics and styles, giving an old-school knit sweater a new-school sci-fi style. 

14. Adidas x Human Made - Tokio Solar HM Shoes

Fans of the OG streetwear legend, Nigo, make this collaboration a must-have. 

15. Children of the Discordance - Bandana Patch PO Type-B Green

Children of the Discordance takes things to another level with unique takes on normal silhouettes. The sleeves are removable and replaceable in various lengths, making this quintessential for all seasons. 

1. A-COLD-WALL* - Block Logo Sock

The Block Logo Sock is a perfect mix of warmth and style, perfect for anyone looking for stylish branded socks that are unique. 

2. AMBUSH - Pill Case Necklace

This piece is defined by its signature silver 925 material, from the chain all the way down to the pendent. Its useful as much as it is stylish, having your pills that you mustn't forget on you at all times. 

3. 1017 ALYX 9SM - Buckle Bracelet

For those wanting a more contemporary and luxurious take on fashion. 

4. AMBUSH - Ball Chain Bracelet L

A bracelet fit for those who have always wanted to put these on your wrist but didn't have the length to. 

5. AMBUSH - Logo Lighter Case Keychain L

Perfect convenience keeping lights close-by for people who always lose their lighters. 

6. A-COLD-WALL* - V2 Holster Bag with Multiple Pockets

The multiple pockets make it an ideal and compact way to organise your things in your bag with a decent amount of room.

7. A-COLD-WALL* - Holster Belt

This belt is perfect for your dad who likes to live in old-school western movies, or your friend who likes tech-wear style fashion. 

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