An Interview with Founder and Designer John Ross

An Interview with Founder and Designer John Ross

Los Angeles-based designer John Ross officially launched SEVENTH HEAVEN in 2017 and has since released an eclectic denim-focused collection this year.

If you're wondering why John Ross' name is familiar, the young creative has worked on an impressive number of fashion projects and is connected to a roster of streetwear, hip-hop and fashion names. Ross has worked with the likes of Playboi Carti, A$AP Bari for VLONE, Matthew Williams and more.  

Ahead of the launch of SEVENTH HEAVEN at JUICE, we interviewed the young creative on his vision, the names that inspire him and his unique upbringing that has impacted his designs today.

Scroll down below to check out the collection available now at JUICE Causeway Bay and hitting the website today!

J: You're still at a super young age but with an impressive resume and vision for your fledging brand - can you tell us a little bit about your background? Were you always into fashion and the creative scene? How did that come about?

J.R: I was first introduced to streetwear by growing up in LA and going to Fairfax, where a lot of my friends had stores and worked at different brands.

J: How did your background in modeling, creative direction, and design lead to SEVENTH HEAVEN? 

J.R: Working with so many different brands it was inevitable that I would start my own. and even before seventh heaven, I had my own brands. I have been working on the concept for seventh heaven years before I dropped anything.

J: With so many up and coming brands, what makes SEVENTH HEAVEN different? 

J.R: I think young people relate because of my viewpoint and references I make and I could channel a sort of sentimental energy with that consumer, but even older people or those who aren’t familiar with me individually can appreciate the brand because of the quality and uniqueness of the products themself.

J: Can you name a few names of people who have inspired you a lot? How about people who have helped you and your brand grow so far?

J.R: The main people who have inspired me with my brand are Asap Bari and Virgil Abloh. not in the sense of design necessarily, but for Bari, he’s the one who set the blueprint for a young designer having a brand, who isn’t necessarily coming from a traditional design background and just making things off instincts. and Virgil has inspired me by just watching how much he works and achieves. it makes me want to set unrealistic goals at times and just put in the extra time to achieve them.

J: What would you say was a turning point in your career - perhaps an event, someone you met or an experience?

J.R: Meeting Ian Connor when I was 14. we became best friends and worked on many projects together but he’s the one who showed me everything first hand.

J: How do you see your brand growing in the next few years? What's your ultimate vision for SEVENTH HEAVEN?

J.R: I want to continue to have consistent collections each season every year. id like to eventually open a store in Los Angeles. and just continue to make products that resonate with and inspire people.

J: A lot of us in Asia are curious about the brand and of course, you as well. How much of SEVENTH HEAVEN is a reflection of John Ross? You've expressed interest in coming over to Asia, are you interested in bringing your brand to a worldwide scale?

J.R: It’s very much a reflection of me. my mission with the brand is making products for and to inspire a kid like me or my friends growing up. I love coming to Asia because I feel like consumers there are more tasteful than the ones at home and get the brand even more. seeing kids across the world going crazy for the brand and styling it in there way makes me so happy.

J: What are some of your favorite brands, both timeless ones and new?

J.R: My favorite brand is 1017 Alyx 9SM. but growing up I was most inspired by Supreme.

J: Can you describe your personal style in three words?

J.R: Lately my personal style has just become minimal, technical and functional. far from what it used to be and what people liked. I like being comfortable and lowkey now.

J: Can you tell us about the story behind the latest collection? 

J.R:  SS19 was just a culmination of ideas I've had for like a perfect Spring-Summer collection that I've been thinking about for years. It just feels colourful and lively like those seasons should. now to me, it feels old, especially having to work on new collections so far into the future. but I think I'll always love these pieces especially as being some of the loudest and craziest I've made and will make.




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