Spreading Self-Love, Self-Expression, and Kindness with Online Ceramics!

Spreading Self-Love, Self-Expression, and Kindness with Online Ceramics!

After releasing their collaborations with CDG, A24 for 'Saint Maud', DSM, an even uniting with Brain Dead, ADISH, Patta, Cactus Plant Flea Market and more on a fundraiser tee for Gaza, the Deadhead loving duo Alix Ross and Elijah Funk released their large psychedelic selection for this Winter 2021 season. As we have a look at their assemblage of t-shirts and accessories, it is impossible to deny the brand's trip-enducing aesthetic and encouraging an image of positivity and spiritual happiness.

The idea and the vision behind the Online Ceramic's aesthetic resonates with lovers of psychedelic rock music (namely The Grateful Dead) and to those who have had experiences relating its designs. Whether it be through spiritual energy, self-love, meditation, self-expression or love and connection for the world around us. 

The graphic imprints, as outspoken and crazy as they are, have a certain voice and meaning towards each text - almost always linked to the founders' experiences of self-development or the many other practices involving the self. For example the Polish Your Rainbow T-Shirt, which is adorned with the 'POLISH YOUR RAINBOW' text on the front and 'There's Nobody Else Like Me' on the back, expressing Online Ceramic's message of self-love and development. Another example is the You Can Always Start Over T-Shirt which depicts the graphic of a flower grown out of a tree stump with the text 'YOU CAN ALWAYS START OVER' encircling it, portraying a "Its-never-too-late" kind of attitude.

These are just some of the many evocative graphics the brand puts out to its fans, more of the clothing available include; Dreams Now Loading Tie Dye T-Shirt in a colorway of baby blue and pink hues; Universal Order Of Jesters T-Shirt in 'White'; Worm Hearted T-Shirt in 'White'; Tree Religion T-Shirt in 'Grey'; Rainbow Maker Tie Dye T-Shirt in a 'Multi' colorway of baby blue, white, and grey; Into The One T-Shirt in 'White', Bee My Friend T-Shirt in 'White', The Storyteller Tie Dye T-Shirt in a 'Multi' colorway of yellow, orange, blue and purple hues; Star Stuff Tie Dye T-Shirt in a 'Multi' colorway of purple, blue, and brown. Accessories include the Rainbow Maker Hat in 'Green' and the Earth Logo Hat in 'Brown'.

Take a look at more meaningful t-shirts and accessories from Online Ceramics now, online at JUICESTORE.COM and available in-store at JUICE Causeway Bay.