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Editorial from JUICESTORE


Gagosian Presents New Waves, Alex Israel’s First Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Alex Israel debuts his first show in Hong Kong called 'New Wave,' at the Gagosian Gallery.

KAWS Brightens the World with New “SEEING” Figure

KAWS continues to release hyped-up art figurines, this time remixing the BFF and giving it LED-wired eyes that light up.

Dr. Woo on Linking and Building past His Tattoo Empire

A good friend of the CLOT family, Doctor Woo has been tattooing for years, ever since Mark Mahoney invited him to be an apprentice. He’s become known for his intricate pieces that feature thin lines, dots and shadows.

It’s Not 1932 Anymore, But Aldous Huxley’s Dystopian Brave New World Is Very Relevant

At this point, modernity can be reduced to an algorithm that gets to dictate the ephemera we scroll through. The truth is, Aldous Huxley’s 1932 dystopian classic contains some curiously prescient qualities.


Area, half party, half prodigious art rotisserie, propagated decadence between the years 1983 and 1987. Each affair was an immersive microcosm of excess, regularly luring guests like Grace Jones, David Byrne, Cher, Madonna, John F Kennedy Jnr., and more.


Hong Kong is one of the most exciting cities in the world so think about its potential as it strives to become a major art capital. With HKwalls, a mural festival started by Xeme and his friends, it’s moving in the right direction.

Adam Katz Sinding on Why He Hates the Word "Streetstyle"

Adam Katz Sinding was in town for his book launch and he spoke to us about his start, how things have changed and what he thinks about streetwear being high fashion. 

Kevin Lyons on Taking Over the World, One Monster at a Time

During his visit in Hong Kong, we spoke to the artist about his inspirations, influences and of course - the CLOT collection.


The latest edition — a recap of 2017 — features an extensive selection of the year’s most sought-after collaborations, special releases, art pieces, and more from brands and individuals like CLOT, adidas and more.

This is Not a F*cking Street Style Book Official Hong Kong Launch

The official Hong Kong launch of This is Not a F*cking Street Style Book by photographer Adam Katz Sinding was held at JUICE Causeway Bay on March 25, 2018.

ALL GONE: The History Book on Street Culture

All Gone is an annual tome that anyone who’s interested in street culture has come across. 2017’s edition pays homage to ‘90s hip-hop, and features a cover referencing NYC-based contemporary artist Luis Gispert, drawn by French illustrator Yoann Houlbert. 

Kevin Lyons, Streetwear’s Favourite Artist

Now working as more of an artist than art-director, and always inspired by the crossroads of streetwear and street art, Kevin brings his iconic Monsters to this collection with CLOT.