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Editorial from JUICESTORE


CLOTTEE Packs A Colorful Punch With Its Summer 2020 Tie-Dye Capsule!

Take a look at CLOTTEE's latest tie-dye capsule for the summer season!

Your Ultimate Guide to the Open Collar Shirt This Summer!

Here's your chance to learn more about the open collar classic and check out our top picks this summer at JUICE!


An exclusive playlist curated by Chef de MC.

CLOTTEE Returns With Autumn 2019 “WILD WILD EAST” Collection!

CLOTTEE's Autumn 19 "Wild Wild East" Collection is out now! Take a closer look to find out more about CLOTTEE's modern twist on the Wild West!

CLOTTEE by CLOT Goes Back to Basics with New Summer 2019 Release

The latest streetwear basics on and off the court!

Samuel Ross on POLYTHENE OPTICS* and Continuing to Connect with the Youth

"POLYTHENE* serves the user, it's way more textured, extroverted and a bit more relaxed and fun."

CLOTTEE Teams Up with A-COLD-WALL*'s POLYTHENE OPTICS* For Winter 2019

CLOTTEE By CLOT teams up with A-COLD-WALL*’s sister brand, POLYTHENE OPTICS* for an exclusive collection. The collaboration features a range of cla...

CLOTTEE's Winter 2018 Collection is All About Self-Love

A collection championing love for yourself, those around you and everyone in the world – no matter what color, sex or age.

Watch CLOTTEE's "Battle Royale" Collection Come to Life

Our campaign video highlights this season's top pieces.

CLOTTEE's Autumn 2018 Collection is "Battle Royale" Brought to Life

CLOT's diffusion line features a range of streetwear silhouettes, this time inspired by the movie 'Battle Royale.'


Inspired by the psychology behind imprisonment, CLOTTEE’s latest SS18 "D.O.C. Department of Connections" collection is here. The official campaign takes us through the maze of arcades within Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong.